Clio Associates LLC (CL-EYE-O) is a historic preservation consulting firm specializing in research, documentation, planning + design. Co-founded in 2013 by Gabrielle Begue and Beth Jacob, the firm aims to build a bridge between the preservation and architecture communities in New Orleans, greater Louisiana, and the Gulf region. The combination of our extensive design, research, and writing experience allows us to serve a wide variety of clients and successfully address a diversity of projects. It is our mission to produce high-quality, practical work that contributes to the protection of the city and region's built heritage while also supporting its progress and future development.


From the history of a double shotgun to the feasibility of adaptively reusing a historic bank to better suit its community, we use our knowledge of the past in order to provide homeowners, realtors, architects, and developers with solutions that make sense today.


Clio Associates takes its name from Clio Street, one of nine streets named for the Greek muses in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans. Clio, the muse of history, lies between Calliope and Erato, muses of epic and love poetry. Laid out and named in 1807 by French architect and planner Barthelemey Lafon, these nine streets have become embedded in the city's rich and eccentric culture, sparking unique pronunciations (such as Cl-10, in reference to the nearby interstate) and demonstrating that our history, both ancient and recent, is always informing our present.


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